Upstate Ny Family an Newborn photographer, self portrait

I’M A PARENT TOO...I get it. 

As much as I am a mom, and have amazing and wonderful moments amongst some long and hard ass days, that’s not all I am. I’m also a teacher, wife, dancer, sister, friend, daughter, creator. Our lives are full and chaotic, and some days, bedtime can’t come soon enough! And yet the years are quickly gone. The truth is, my kids are growing up before my eyes just like yours.

Capturing families, your love, connection, joy and chaos is my jam. Your everyday is incredibly important and meaningful and deserves being captured and remembered always. So let’s do it before it passes you by! 

A little more about me:

I majored in Dance and a have a Masters in Education. I Teach ESOL and tap dance classes too!

Photography has always been part of me. I scrapbooked in my teens, took photography classes in college. It wasn’t until I brought my daughter home from the NICU though that my photography began to have more meaning.

I eat chocolate everyday, love coffee and cooking.

I have been married to my best friend for almost 8 years, and together 15 years! We have two beautiful children who fill our days with joy. We enjoy gardening, walking and being outside together.

I can't wait to meet you and your tribe!