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I have always loved babies. I am a midwive’s daughter and grew up attending births at an early age and was in awe with their little cries, holding them, and caring for them. So pretty naturally I am drawn to photographing babies!

Upstate New York Newborn Photographer, Mom holding newborn baby


A while back, I was blown away with posed newborn photography and couldn’t wait to try it out myself. I enrolled in a posed newborn course, got materials to make my own beanbag, posed my daughters baby doll learning how to wrap, what the best lighting was for setting up the beanbag, and how to sooth and safely position baby.

I quickly learned however, that posed newborn photography was not for me! It felt so uncomfortable and unnatural, and I was stressing over soothing and positioning babies, it was incredibly time consuming and exhausting. I never even made it around to making my own beanbag!!


Instead, I learned that baby led, natural positioning is for me! That means I don’t spend hours stressing to get baby to sleep or in the perfect pose. I actually don’t pose at all. WHY?

Cooperstown newborn photographer, family of four snuggling
Oneonta Newborn photographer, baby snuggled and dog on lap

1. I believe babies shouldn’t be out of their parents arms. You have waited 9 long months to hold your baby. They are only this little for such a short time, you should snuggle them and hold them as much as you can! I capture your little one naturally in your arms almost your entire session. You are comfortable in your home, your baby is comfortable in your arms. It just makes sense to photograph you there and where babies should be, in my honest opinion.

Upstate New York Lifestyle photography, beautiful new mom holding baby girl

2. I think babies are perfect just the way they are. When they are out of your arms, it is brief, they are comfortably and safely swaddled or lying freely unfolding their little limbs that have been so tightly weaved in the womb for months. It is so beautiful to watch them how they are, awake or asleep.

Cooperstown NY newborn photographer, mom gazing at baby girl on bed
Oneonta NY Newborn photographer, baby girl swaddled on bed

3. It truly makes your session stress free. I’m not stressing to get them in the perfect pose and you’re not stressing over them fussing and not falling asleep. Theres no need to place them away from you in uncomfortable positions that are unsafe, and not worth it even for the sake of a photograph.

Oneonta NY family photographer, mom and dad holding baby, little baby hands
Oneonta NY Newborn photographer, Mom and dad holding baby

4. I am able to capture intimate, natural moments of love and connection between all of you. It is so important for you to be in the photos too! You will want to remember what it was like to hold your little one in the palms of your hands, to feel them succumb sleepily into your chest. How your partner glanced at you, so in love with the amazing parent you have become. So often with posed newborn photography, you see the baby uncomfortably alone and I can’t help to think, but where’s mom and dad? Sure it’s cute, but do you really feel anything? Instead you will be able to instantly be brought back in time to relive these fleeting moments by looking back at your beautiful photos that you were in too.

Cooperstown NY Newborn photographer, Mom and dad holding baby, and baby feet
Rochester NY Lifestyle Newborn photographer, mom in love holding baby in arms
Binghamton NY Newborn photographer, family of four together
Upstate NY Newborn photographer, dad holding baby
Oneonta NY Newborn photographer, mom smelling intoxicating newborn  smell
Oneonta  NY Newborn photographer, family on bed holding baby and with dog
Cooperstown NY Newborn photography, mom and dad in love with new little baby
Rochester NY Newborn photographer, mom and dad snuggling little baby girl swaddled

So there you have it. My top four reasons why I don’t pose newborns. They are so perfect in your arms, in your home. You can check out more of my newborn work here if you are interested.







When you have just welcomed your first, second, or any number child into the world, you are overwhelmingly in love but also overwhelmed with adjusting to being a new family. It’s an intimate time, and are trying to get through each day and night at a time. I didn’t feel ready to venture out with my little ones for many weeks, and when you have a newborn session in your own home, you’ll never have to leave the front door!


You get to stay in your intimate space where you are most comfortable. You don’t have to stress about getting somewhere on time, whether you’ll be able to squeeze in a feeding before hand, or what to do if there’s a meltdown by big sis or brother out in public. Everyone is more relaxed in your own space. You can snuggle up on the couch as a new family, and relax knowing there will be time for feedings, breaks, and snacks for little ones too.

Mom, Dad, big brother and baby sister snuggling


When I brought my daughter home from the NICU, I thought I could take her newborn photos and even set up my tripod and timer and get some of my husband and myself with her! I ended up being warn out and incredibly stressed about getting the images perfect and frustrated when they wouldn’t come out how I envisioned them in my head. We ended up hiring a photographer to come to our home and it was relaxed, so enjoyable to spend time together, and I didn’t have to worry about getting the perfect shot! It was completely worth it.

So relax, and let me do the work. You just enjoy your little love and being together.

Mom, dad, newborn at home, Oneonta NY newborn photographer
Mom and new baby snuggling, Cooperstown NY Newborn photographer


You spend the most time in your home, it’s walls hold your story. The rocking chair passed down from your grandma, the plants growing beside you, the toys your little ones cherish, the wood floors your husband laid himself. These are the details that will set your pictures apart. And they will hang perfectly on your walls, adding to your story.

Family in their home, Oneonta NY newborn photographer
Mom holding her children at home, Oneoneta NY family photographer
Mom holding newborn, little hands touching moms chest, Cooperstown newborn photographer
Mom and dad with kids, at home, Oneonta NY newborn photography
Mom kissing newborn baby, Binghamton NY newborn photographer

It is truly and honor to be welcomed into your home during this intimate and tiring time. So thank you. I hope you have learned a little more about why in home newborn sessions are the best! Ready to have me come to your house? I’d love to hear from you below!





Having a newborn is so amazing yet so intense.  You are you taking care of a new life and tending to its every need. And not only has a baby been born, but a new mom, a dad, if there are older children, a big brother or sister is born too. The whole family has changed for the better and it sure does take some adjusting.  But somehow, in all the beautiful chaos, the days and nights float by and you can't remember what you did yesterday, let alone today!  You hold your new baby so perfectly into you, you can breathe them in and study every detail in hopes that you won’t forget. I’m here to tell you that you do. It all goes so fast that before you know it they are scooting around, chubby legged, babbling up a storm. And you look at them trying so hard to remember what those first few weeks were like. THIS. This feeling is what I strive to capture with my newborn ART. Of feeling pure, intense love and emotion because I don’t want you to ever forget it.

Make sure to scroll to the end where I'm sharing this month's blog circle artist!

Oneonta NY Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Newborn fingers
Oneonta NY Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Mommy and newborn
Oneonta NY Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Mom and Dad with baby
Rochester NY Lifestyle Newborn Photographer newborn snuggles
Rochester NY Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Newborn feet
Rochester NY Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Daddy and baby
Rochester NY Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Mama kisses big brother
Rochester NY Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Mom snuggling baby
Rochester NY Lifestyle Newborn Photography Mom and kids
Rochester NY Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Mom and Dad snuggling new baby
Newborn Photographer Rochester NY Little baby with mom and dad
Newborn Photographer Rochester NY Baby cradled in dad's arm
Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Rochester NY Big brother snuggles
Newborn Photographer Rochester NY Mama snuggling baby
Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Rochester NY New family of four
Rochester Newborn Photography Mom and Dad with two boys

I would be honored to capture your new family so you'll never forget those intense first few weeks.

Make sure to check out Fiona Saxton, a Family Photographer in North East England.  Her in-home work is so beautiful and she has some great tips for photographing your own littles! To see all of the featured artists, follow the links until you are back here.







Your family has grown. You’ve finally welcomed your little baby earthside who you have anxiously been awaiting to meet for the past 9 months!  You’re exhausted, haven’t showered in days, still sore from birth, and the last thing you want to worry about is preparing for your newborn session.  Don’t worry.  I’ve got you covered with some easy tips to help you get ready for your stress free photo shoot!

Newborn Photographer, Rochester NY Mama cuddling baby


1. Prep your home: First of all, don’t feel that your house has to be spick and span. It’s your house and it’s supposed to look lived in, and if you have little ones, it is VERY lived in!  My house is always covered with toys and piles of laundry, and I am very used to shooting around it all.  The focus is on your family interacting together and loving on your new baby. Instead, focus on tidying up, making beds, and being sure no jackets are on the couch or towels on bed sort of thing.  I can also move things the day of if there is something distracting in the frame.  

2. Arrival: When I first arrive, I will talk with you a little, and let any other kids warm up to me a bit before I even bring out my camera.  Then I will ask you to show me your house (little ones love being tour guides!) so that I can look at rooms to see where the best lighting is.  I primarily shoot in the nursery, master bedroom and living room however it’s more about finding the rooms with the best light. If you can, try to have blinds and curtains open, if not I will open them.

Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Oneonta NY, family cuddles
Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Rochester NY Mama with her little loves

3. Session Flow: I am very easy going and know first hand how much a day’s schedule depends on baby.  If baby has just eaten before I arrive, that’s great, but if not, don’t worry.  We can stop for you to nurse or bottle feed, and I actually love captruing those moments if you are comfortable too. If baby is awake when I arrive, I will start with parents holding the baby so he or she is happy and get family shots first.  If baby is asleep, that is usually a good time to get baby with any other siblings,  or baby alone, so we will start with those first then. 

Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Rochester NY siblings with new baby

4. What to Wear: The most important thing is for you all to be comfortable and to be yourselves.  I encourage neutral colors, t-shirts with logos or bright patterns tend to be distracting.  You also do not need to match, but cordinating colors work well together.  Casual clothing is perfect and bare feet photograph most naturally in your home.  Moms, consider a nice maxi dress, or light flowy top that will be comfortable and soft for snuggling your new baby.   For baby, the simpler is better.  A neutral onesie or even naked with just a diaper on is very flattering, as a lot of newborn baby clothes don’t fit tight enough and can be distracting in photos.

Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Rochester NY, big brother smiling
Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Rochester NY Mama and Daddy in love with new baby
Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Rochester NY baby sleeping

5. RELAX: Most importanlty, is for you all to relax and enjoy this special time together creating life long memoreis.  If the baby fusses or is really alert, don’t worry.  A baby can sense your anxiety, so we want to keep things mellow.  I am not in a rush and will stay as long as I need to capture your whole family's story.  So, take a deep breathe and enjoy this time as a family together with your new baby. 

It’s normal to feel a little nervous.  I certainly was the first few times getting in the frame with my family! But I promise. You will not regret having these memories to look back on because it all, truly goes by way too fast. 

I hope these tips were helpful and you feel less stressed and ready for an in home session with your new baby:)