When you have just welcomed your first, second, or any number child into the world, you are overwhelmingly in love but also overwhelmed with adjusting to being a new family. It’s an intimate time, and are trying to get through each day and night at a time. I didn’t feel ready to venture out with my little ones for many weeks, and when you have a newborn session in your own home, you’ll never have to leave the front door!


You get to stay in your intimate space where you are most comfortable. You don’t have to stress about getting somewhere on time, whether you’ll be able to squeeze in a feeding before hand, or what to do if there’s a meltdown by big sis or brother out in public. Everyone is more relaxed in your own space. You can snuggle up on the couch as a new family, and relax knowing there will be time for feedings, breaks, and snacks for little ones too.

Mom, Dad, big brother and baby sister snuggling


When I brought my daughter home from the NICU, I thought I could take her newborn photos and even set up my tripod and timer and get some of my husband and myself with her! I ended up being warn out and incredibly stressed about getting the images perfect and frustrated when they wouldn’t come out how I envisioned them in my head. We ended up hiring a photographer to come to our home and it was relaxed, so enjoyable to spend time together, and I didn’t have to worry about getting the perfect shot! It was completely worth it.

So relax, and let me do the work. You just enjoy your little love and being together.

Mom, dad, newborn at home, Oneonta NY newborn photographer
Mom and new baby snuggling, Cooperstown NY Newborn photographer


You spend the most time in your home, it’s walls hold your story. The rocking chair passed down from your grandma, the plants growing beside you, the toys your little ones cherish, the wood floors your husband laid himself. These are the details that will set your pictures apart. And they will hang perfectly on your walls, adding to your story.

Family in their home, Oneonta NY newborn photographer
Mom holding her children at home, Oneoneta NY family photographer
Mom holding newborn, little hands touching moms chest, Cooperstown newborn photographer
Mom and dad with kids, at home, Oneonta NY newborn photography
Mom kissing newborn baby, Binghamton NY newborn photographer

It is truly and honor to be welcomed into your home during this intimate and tiring time. So thank you. I hope you have learned a little more about why in home newborn sessions are the best! Ready to have me come to your house? I’d love to hear from you below!