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Hello! I am Hali of Sweetliv Photography.  I am an on location newborn and family photographer in the Rochester, NY area.  I am passionate about capturing connection, details, and beauty in the everyday.  I know first hand just how fleeting childhood is.  Our memories fade. We forget what it felt like to hold our little ones. To succumb to their heaviness on our chests.  Their warm, soft breathe against our necks as we rocked them to sleep. The way they smiled up at us as we cradled them in our arms. Photography brings us right back to those moments. To remember. To relive it. To appreciate it and be in the now, because you'll never have another today. 


I strive to capture those little details you never want to forget. To show the beauty in your everyday, to tell your story.  Parenthood is hard.  It takes strength and courage each day to raise these little ones. Through the chaos of meltdowns, whining, sleepless nights, the constant needing us, there are moments of wonderfulness in our days too that keep us going and outweigh the difficult times. I am here to capture those beautifully chaotic moments in an artistic way to last you a lifetime. 

I have always loved photography, scrapbooking my friends and family as a teenager and taking film classes in college.  It was with the birth of my little girl Alivia though, that my passion to capture the little details of my rapidly changing baby and our everyday was really ignited. 

A little more about me:

I majored in dance and have a Masters in Education. 

I eat chocolate everyday, love tea and cooking.

I have been married to my best friend for 6 years, and together 12.  We now have two beautiful children who fill our days with joy.  We enjoy gardening, walking and being outside together.

I am a baby wearing, cloth diapering, organic mama.

I can't wait to meet you and your tribe!