Lifestyle photographers use light and guided poses to enhance family connection.

I am a lifestyle photographer. I use light to enhance emotion, connection and love by guiding your family into connected poses where natural movements can unfold organically. Lifestyle fits somewhere in between documentary photography (no directing or posing) and studio photography. Many people may view lifestyle images and think they are candid moments, but I assure you they have been carefully orchastrated. I will artistically guide you into good light and a connected pose, then ask you to whisper in each others ears, tell each other a story, or even see who can laugh the hardest. Then I will sit back and watch. Watch for connections and so much love that is present everyday. You will spend quality time laughing, and lvoing hard on one another, and I promise it will be fun.

Family photographer oneonta NY, Family snuggling
Oneonta family pohotographer, family laughing together
Photographer Oneonta NY, sweet sibling moment
Oneonta family pohotographer, family laughing

There will be lots of movement

Kids naturally love to explore their surroundings. During a lifestyle family session that is exactly what they’ll be able to do! After we’ve gotten some family interaction shots, there will be time for kids to run, pick flowers, and play together. This movement not only photographs beautifully, but it also gives them a break from guided posed images and keeps them engaged and having fun. It also is a chance for mom and dad to get some images alone, which is so important, and takes the attention off the kiddos for a bit!

Photographer Oneonta NY, kids exploring outside
Oneonta family pohotographer, children holding hands
Photographer Oneonta NY, Mom and dad laughing

There will be lots of laughs and love.

Spending genuine family time together and capturing your family as it is right now, is what a lifestyle family session with me is all about.. You will laugh and love hard. I will capture the beautiful chaos as well as the more tender moments. It is my hope that you leave your session saying, “we had so much fun!” I get that families are busy, so a session with me is time to slow down and spend time laughing, playing, and being surrounded with the ones you love.

Oneonta family pohotographer, family spending time together
Family Photographer Oneonta NY, mom and daughter hugging
Oneonta family pohotographer, family time together

I hope you have a better understanding of what Lifestyle Photography is and what a session with me is like. I would love to capture you and your family, just as you are right now, all the chaos and all the love. If you have any more questions please let me know!





Hi friends!   It's officially Spring! I can feel the warmth of the sun, the days getting longer, and the eagerness to spend more time outside. Hopefully the weather will match the calendar soon.

With Spring comes the perfect time for capturing your growing family. I look back on photos from the Fall and think how much my children have changed in just a short period of time. If you are wanting to photograph this beautiful time in your family’s story, yet are feeling stressed at adding one more thing to your already full calendars, I am here to help. You may be thinking what are we all going to wear? What if my kiddos don't cooperate? I get it.  I have been there.  You are investing in capturing beautiful memories for your family and you want it to go smoothly.  Here are some tips to help ease your worries and to prepare your family.

Oneonta NY Family Photographer

1. First. What to wear. By no means do you all need to match!  You can color coordinate, earthy tones, deep reds and browns, or bright airy colors. But matching is dated and can actually take away from the images when you all look the same.   You can check out my pinterest board for some more ideas here.  You can also lay out what everyone is going to wear on the bed and snap a phone picture.  That way you can see if anything is looking off to you. Avoid shirts with text or big graphics as they are distracting.

2. Next, Trust me.  I am a lifestyle family photographer. As I told a mom recently who was worried about her toddler cooperating, I am not after the perfectly posed image of everyone smiling at the camera.  My job is not to make you look perfect or have your children behave perfectly.  You have probably been wired to look at the camera and tell your kids to say cheese and are worried they won't smile.  But honestly, if you are having photos taken to document this stage in your family's life, everyone looking at the camera is not telling your story. I will get that one money shot, but then will have you enjoy each other.  I will direct you into a connected pose and then guide you into genuine intereactions with your family. You will snuggle, play, give kisses, and tickle your children.  I will show you that your children are perfect just how they are.  I promise to beautifully capture your family's story.

Oneonta NY Family Photographer

3. Be honest and tell your kids what will happen.  Tell them you are going to be seeing a friend who is going to take your pictures for a little while.  Tell them that we are going to go to a really fun park or beach, and play. Tell them that your friend will ask them to stand or sit together a few different ways and that it will be pretty quick too;)

Family Photographer Oneonta NY
Family Photographer Oneonta NY

4. Another photographer recommended showing them pictures of themselves, and I think it's the perfect idea!  My little girl loves to see photos of herself with us or of just her!  She'll scroll through albums on my phone, or photo books in her hand.  Seeing their own pictures from the past can get them excited for pictures now.

Family photographer Cooperstown NY, girl smiling
Oneonta NY Photographer

5. Food and rest ahead of time.   I know, we talked and I told you we need to meet at 6pm to have the best light.  It's dinner time and their nap was over two hours ago.   I get it.  What can help though, is if possible, lay them down for a later nap, or if they don't nap anymore (my girl gave up her naps at 2!), clear  your schedule the day of your photos for some quiet restful time before our shoot.  I suggest making your session day mostly relaxing, not hiking and running a ton of errands. Your session should be your main activity that day.  Feed them an early dinner or big snack to tide them over until after the session so they aren't hungry.  Hungry little ones are never happy!

Binnghamton NY Photographer, Family Photography

6. Let your kiddos be themselves.  I will never force your child to look at me and smile.  I'm ok with serious, true expressions of childhood.  I will also never make a timid child leave the comfort of your arms.  I will capture their shy cuddles, or exploring and being them.

Photographer Oneonta NY sisters together
Photographer Oneonta NY
Upstate NY photographer, girl exploring dandolions

7. Lastly, show them who I am!  Click on over to my about page, putting a picture to a name will help them.  You can also go to my IG account and show them my kiddos and family, because then they will get to know me and see I am just like you:)

I promise we will have fun!  I can't wait for upcoming sessions this Spring! I hope this has been helpful and eased any worries you may have had, and you are now excited for your family photos too.








Expecting and growing a little one is one of the most amazing and surreal feelings in the world! It is also a lot of hard work, if we’re being honest. ! I remember feeling completely and utterly drained the first trimester and then again the third trimester with both of my pregnancies. Some days I wouldn’t even want to leave the house. When you have maternity photos done in your home, you won’t have too! You’ll be in the comfort of your own home, able to relax, and be documented in the place that holds the most love and where you spend the most time together. I promise it will be worth documenting, even though you may not feel so photogenic right now.

Oneonta NY maternity photography, Expecting couple embracing,
Oneonta NY Maternity Photographer, in home session

When you look back on your photos with your children by your side, they will be able to see you in the home where the love for them all began. Plus, the details of your home are included, making your images a beautiful keepsake for generations.

Rochester, NY Maternity Photographer, expecting couple hugging
Oneonta NY Maternity Photographer, mom and dad holding belly

Furry family members have an amazing sense of you being pregnant. They are also more comfortable in their own homes and definitely love being photographed too;)!

Oneonta NY Maternity Photography, Mom and dad with fur baby
Oneonta NY Maternity Photographer in home session snuggling with dog
Cooperstown NY Family Photographer, expecting mama and labradoodle

With the unpredictable weather NY has, photographing in your home will guarantee a cozy session and no stress over having to reschedule if the weather is bad. We can always take a few outside of your home if you’d like too, making it a memorable location as well.

maternity photography Oneonta NY Photographer
Cooperstown NY Maternity Photographer, Expecting couple
Maternity photography Oneonta NY, expecting couple in the snow

So, if you are expecting, I would be honored to come into your home and document your growing love.



P.S I can’t wait to meet you in your home baby C!



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There are so many beautiful locations in the Rochester area that the options are endless for your family session!  We are so close to beautiful fields, beaches, and special parks. No matter where you choose to have your location though (and I have a handful of favorites to help you decide;) your family session with me is scheduled around sunset.   

The lighting is truly illuminating to photograph your beautiful family in then, and the sun surely doesn't disappoint when it makes its appearance!  It is definitely worth staying up a little past kiddos bedtime to spend time together under the setting sun.  And honestly kids feel excited for their session because they get to stay up past their normal bedtime, and I make your time together fun and enjoyable that cranky kiddos are hard to come by.  You could always put them down for a later nap or some quiet time before the session if you are still concerned, and making sure their tummies are full is always a good idea!  If you need more session prep, you can check out this article I wrote Preparing For Your Family Session .

I met up with this family at Highland Park on a gorgeous, sunny, warm Spring evening.  The whole city seemed to be out and about walking and enjoying the first nice evening after such a long winter,  but we were able to escape and have parts of the park all to ourselves!  The tulips were blooming, trees blossoming, sun shining, and most importantly, the family was full of love for one another.  It was truly an honor photographing them and witnessing their connection and time together.  

Make sure to read until the end to see my special blog circle feature!  

Rochester Family Photographer, Mama snuggling her girls
Rochester NY Family Photographer, Sweet mama snuggles
Rochester NY Family Photographer, family laughing in beautiful light
Family Photographer Rochester NY, girl with flower and family
Rochester NY Family Photographer, little girl holding tight to mamas arm
Rochester NY Family Photographer, little girl giving mama flowers
Family Photographer Rochester NY, Mama snuggling her two beautiful girls
Family Photographer Rochester NY, family time at Highland Park
Rochester NY Family Photographer, beautiful family together swinging at Highland Park
Rochester NY Family Photographer, mama kissing little girl
Rochester NY Family Photographer, family walking in setting sun at Highland Park
Rochester NY Family Photographer, family playing together at Highland Park
Rochester NY Family Photographer, family time together snuggling and walking
Rochester NY Family Photographer, mom and dad laughing and snuggling
Rochester NY Family Photographer, sisters holding hands running together
Rochester NY Family Photographer, little girl braids and flowers
Rochester NY Family Photographer, mom twirling with daughter
Family Photographer Rochester NY, Mom and her girls and whole family together snuggling
Family Photographer Rochester, Family playing together under the setting sun

Im so excited to share the beautiful work of Olga Levien, Auckland wedding Photographer!  Her award winning Wedding photography is absolutely stunning, I hope you will check her out!

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Woman are truly goddesses and growing and caring a new life is one of life's greatest miracles.  It doesn't matter if this is your first baby or fourth, I promise it is worth documenting.  I'm sharing my top reasons why you should document this beautiful time, as well as a recent maternity session below!  And you won't to miss this month's blog feature at the end either!

Maternity Photographer, Rochester NY, Glowing expecting mama


Nine months seem so long while you are in them, especially with all the aches and pains, but as soon as that little babe is born and snuggled into your loving arms, it is easy to forget what it felt like to be pregnant.  The little flutters and kicks fade, and you can hardly believe you couldn't tie your shoe just a short time before.  It's hard getting your own photos during pregnancy, (other than the quick i-phone snap;) these photos will give you lasting memories of this special time in your life.

Maternity Photographer Rochester NY, Mom and Dad to be laughing  together while daughter plays in the field behind


Not only will you be able to look at these images and feel what it was like to be pregnant, but your children will too. Your baby will someday want to see what you looked like pregnant with them, and you will have these images to show them how much they were already loved and how glowing and excited you were to meet them! 

Rochester NY Maternity Photographer, couple in love


If this is your first baby, then it is the perfect time to spend some quality time with your partner before your family grows and your days are filled with beautiful chaos and wakeful nights.  If there are older siblings, then it is a chance to spend quality one-on-one time with them before they are competing for your attention;) 

Maternity Photographer Rochester NY, family pictures before they are a family of four
Maternity Photographer Rochester NY, Mom playing and loving her little girl
Rochester NY Maternity Photographer, happy big sister
Maternity Photographer Rochester NY, little girl dancing with her mom in a Spring field


As moms it is so easy to put others first, getting the baby all the new clothes, or siblings presents so they don't feel left out either.  A maternity session will give you a chance to get a new, comfortable dress to feel beautiful in!  You can even get your hair done and feel like the goddess you truly are.

Maternity Photographer Rochester NY, beautiful expecting mama
Rochester NY Maternity Photographer, glowing mom in Spring field smiling at her family


Time passes so quickly, even more so once you have little ones.  Maybe you've been too busy to schedule a session and are 2 weeks away from your due date.  Don't worry, it's still not too late to capture your glowing beauty, even if you feel like the size of a watermelon.   But it will be too late once baby is here.  You won't get this time back, so soak it up while you can, and capture it so you can always remember how strong, how beautiful and how precious this time in motherhood will always be. 

Maternity Photographer Rochester NY, happy family of three hugging

I have a special place in my heart for mamas to be and would be honored to capture this time for you.  I'd love to hear from you if you're expecting or know a mama who could benefit from a maternity session. 

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